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My ideas for Occupy

A quick glance at the Guardian website yesterday shows that the Occupy protesters at St Pauls are calling out for suggestions.   I haven’t had a chance to look at anything being suggested yet, but am really pleased to see the … Continue reading

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Technology as part of the fix

Harnessing technolgy effectively is, I think, a crucial aspect in changing to a more sustainable world.  The role of twitter, mobile phones, facebook, blackberrys etc has been linked and reported on by the media in relation to the Arab Spring … Continue reading

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Peak Oil – not looking isn’t going to make it go away. Go on take a peek

As fuel costs rise to $115 (£71) a report is finally published showing that civil servants have been warning government ministers for some time about the impending danger and potential civil unrest associated with peak oil.  Have a quick flick … Continue reading

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A quick word on healthcare

Excellent rant by George Monbiot on healthcare including the headline costs ‘OECD figures show that healthcare in the US costs $7,500 per person per year. The OECD average is $4,500. In the UK it costs $3,500.’ and the crux of … Continue reading

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