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Europe begins to locate it’s brain, while the US continues to stumble blindly.

The deal with Greece gives me cause for hope.  Don’t get me wrong, this is still a sticking plaster that will need much more thought before a more sustainable worldwide economic model emerges.  Importantly, what has happened, is that there … Continue reading

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Live within your means. Increase your debt to £77K

Yes load of nonsense isn’t it?  I’m sitting here while one of the lighter weight Tory ministers is spouting on Newsnight.  You know, that same old story that the marketing men have told them to keep pumping out: “We cannot … Continue reading

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Update on Housing Benefit

From 1st April changes started to be introduced for those claiming Housing Benefit. For those renting in the private sector the amount you can claim is set by what the Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is at that time. You will … Continue reading

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Alright for some

I’ve been reading a book called Treasure Islands by Nicholas Shaxson: tax havens and the men who stole the world.  This is an excellent, if scary, book that has really brought home to me what an evil tax havens are. … Continue reading

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Why are we bailing out Ireland George?

Odd isn’t it.  After six months of telling us how hard times are and that there is no money in the coffers, all of a sudden George is overcome with generosity and neighbourliness.  In a single stroke he wipes out … Continue reading

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