Greenest government ever? Hello!!!!

What is that green around the gills?  Green as in ogre?  Greenwash?  Green as in slime ball?  Scab?  Gangrene?

Stupid or evil?  I can’t decide.

Climate – too late?  Almost

The International Energy Agency has warned the it is our last chance to avoid irreversible climate change.  Emissions released now will continue to warm the atmosphere for decades.  450 parts per million is regarded by scientists as the
safety limit.  We are now at around 390ppm. By 2015 at least 90% of the available carbon budget will be used up.  By 2017 there will be no room for manouevre at all.

Russia and Japan have spoken in recent weeks of reaching agreement by 2018 and 2020.  The UK are supporting this stance.

Remember the IEA is regarded as being pretty conservative in outlook so the real situation is probably worse.

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