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My ideas for Occupy

A quick glance at the Guardian website yesterday shows that the Occupy protesters at St Pauls are calling out for suggestions.   I haven’t had a chance to look at anything being suggested yet, but am really pleased to see the … Continue reading

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More questions than answers in a world gone nuts

Lets’s try a quick sum up of what’s going on big picture wise at the moment.  Debt in the Eurozone has been dominating the headlines with the Greek situation coming to a head, Italy hot on its heels and now … Continue reading

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Greenest government ever? Hello!!!!

What is that green around the gills?  Green as in ogre?  Greenwash?  Green as in slime ball?  Scab?  Gangrene? Stupid or evil?  I can’t decide. Climate – too late?  Almost The International Energy Agency has warned the it is our … Continue reading

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