Conference season – what a shambles

The round of party political conferences is drawing to a close.  What are the key messages that came across to me?  The LibDems are depressed.  They are fed up with the position they find themselves in, but can no longer see a way out and so are resigned to seeing it through.  At least now they’ve decided it’s a good idea to point out their differences to the Tories so they get a bit of it off their chest but they are having to grit their teeth and be nice to Cleggy.  None of this is going to stop them being buried though.  The voters are angry.  Really angry.

Ed and Ed.  I’m doing my best to be patient with Milliband.  He struck a chord with the good and bad businesses stuff even if it didn’t translate easily into workable policy; and anyone that includes Tim Jackson’s, Prosperity without Growth in his reading matter has clearly understood the need for some new thinking.  The media were never going to be on his side and pointing out some of the evils in Murdoch’s empire will have sealed his fate as far as the papers are concerned.  Ed needs to learn how to present himself better and would do well to make the most of alternative media in addition to the mainstream stuff, to get his points across and appeal to an often more enlightened audience.  He annoyed me with the housing stuff about hard working, deserving people getting priority.  We’re back to deserving and undeserving poor here.  Perhaps we should block their access to health care and education as well.  If the parents don’t meet the mark, should their children suffer?  What were their parents like?  There are all sorts of reasons why people deviate from the mainstream, you are unlikely to bring them back with this type of policy.  If we do go down this route of picking out who is deserving, can someone explain to me what we are supposed to do with the others?  Workhouse maybe?  For goodness sake get rid of that Flint woman as your shadow for housing.  She was useless at it when Labour were in power and she still is.

As for the other Ed well at least he has some Balls.  Better than the last appointment but the jury’s still out for me.

And finally the Conservatives. You couldn’t make it up.  A Prime Minister who clearly hasn’t the faintest idea of even the basics about how the economy works.  He starts the day with a plan to tell us to pay off our credit card debts and has to have a major rewrite when it’s pointed out to him that it would be a one way ticket to major recession.  We’re going there anyway Dave, we don’t need any more help.  Now they tell us it was a description of what is happening rather than a suggestion that we do it.  Anybody believe that?  Oh dear my sides are hurting.

You would have thought that George might have warned him, wouldn’t you.  Maybe this chancellor isn’t prepared to wait so long.  How’s your back Dave?

Note to Theresa May.  The Daily Mail is not a reliable source.  To avoid future embarrassment try facts rather than prejudice.

And finally for more heart warming politics take a look at Occupy Wall Street, spreading rapidly to a town near you.

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