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Where we are now

Where we are now is the result of decisions made in the past about our direction of travel.  Smith and Max-Neef refer to us having chosen the route of Machiavelli (it is much safer to be feared than loved) over … Continue reading

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Don’t be Greedy (Economics Unmasked)

‘Economics Unmasked: From power and greed to compassion and the common good‘ is a collaboration between a physicist Philip B Smith (they are much better at spotting the mathematical nonsense in accepted economic ‘wisdom’) and economist Manfred Max Neef.  The … Continue reading

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Back to growth

Let’s get back to the growth dilema.  We’ve already seen that GDP takes no account of lot’s of positive stuff that happens, like housework and voluntary work because it doesn’t have a monetary value, and that it takes no acount … Continue reading

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Cornwall Council business

This week on Wednesday is the Central Area Planning Sub Committee – 5pm in St Austell.  The public have a right to speak at these things (for a strictly limited and short time).  The paper work advises that you can … Continue reading

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The Growth Machine

We are caught in a growth dilemma.  Our economic model isn’t good at standing still.  The famous boom and bust is about going up and down.  The economy requires growth to remain stable, but all things being equal, as the … Continue reading

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Peak Oil – not looking isn’t going to make it go away. Go on take a peek

As fuel costs rise to $115 (£71) a report is finally published showing that civil servants have been warning government ministers for some time about the impending danger and potential civil unrest associated with peak oil.  Have a quick flick … Continue reading

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A Stern word before economic restructuring

Nicholas Stern did a report looking at the economic impact of addressing climate change.  His conclusion was that if we set about the task globally, we could get away with the investment needed to introduce enough renewables and enough efficiency … Continue reading

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